Daydreams… 🎢 (10)

How could it be that Amber had a feeling of contentment, & yet her mind was racing, a mile a minute. “What does he mean, NO…” (What could all of this mean, for them…?!?) She was with him now, & wanting to enjoy it, so… she’ll worry about it later. She shook it off. Right now, she was basking in the moment. Wishing, it wouldn’t have to end. Marc was braced behind her, his upper body enveloping her, like a cozy blanket. As she leaned back into him, they swayed ever so slightly, back & forth. Marc’s beard-studded chin, resting atop her head. Amber’s senses, were a-fire. She felt his slow calming breath, tickling her hair. His WARM strong arms, all around her. His heartbeat (a bit slower than hers, now) beating from behind her. Amber didn’t care, IF this could’ve been a dream; she could STAY HERE… forever! It was getting chillier, now. (The rain had stopped, though neither, had noticed.) Amber & Marc stood nestled together, (like a cocoon.) blowing gently in the wind.

I don’t want to… but, I suppose we need to be getting back, for now… Marc whispered faintly, trying not to jolt the mood. I suppose you’re right, Amber reluctantly agreed. (Where do we go/what happens now?) Amber wondered. I told the guys to go ahead to the hotel, without me. Do you wanna go grab a drink, & talk some more? I have some free time. Sure, as long as you’re not too tired. & wanna rest? Don’t worry, we’ve got time, for that… later. Amber, was on top of the world. Better yet, (feeling) in a state of shock. WAS this really happening?!?

After a casual walk back, they hopped in the shuttle van. (As, the place had cleared out, & everyone had left.) Marc drove to a secluded spot. The moon, lighting their way; & parked under a street light, at the edge of another wooded area.

It’s SO peaceful here… Sometimes, I just need that feeling, like I HAD before all the craziness, Marc confessed. I bet! I TOTALLY, get the NEED, for that. You’re my happy place, Amber admitted.

Marc got up from the driver’s seat, & motioned for Amber to join him, near the window. She worked her way over, as he grabbed a bottle of wine 🍷 from the mini fridge. Nice little place you’ve got here, she mused. Marc’s eyes beamed, as he gave her a little smirk. “Why… thank you,” he bowed… as he poured.

“To, What lies in front of us.” He tipped his delicate glass, in her direction. (She reveled, in the possibilities) as they “clinked,” & took a few sips. You’re good for me, in a lot of ways… he stated, with a rather convincing grin. Is that so, she teased. I can’t HELP but smile, when you’re around. You build me up to heights, I wasn’t even SURE I’d had, he went on. That’s easy. Amber shined a smile, from her wet, glistening lips. (Amber felt his gaze upon her face… therefore, trying to add to the conversation.) You, MAKE me believe, anything is possible. Amber added. AND… (in case you hadn’t ‘noticed,’) I’ve been waiting to kiss you, tonight… Marc, finished. Amber, was STUNNED…. (What DO I say, to that) she pondered. Marc didn’t give her the time to respond, before, leaning in. (Amber’s first instinct, was to tilt her head.) There was a gentle peck. He took their wine 🍷 glasses, setting them on a table nearby. They both automatically, reached for each other’s arms. Amber was holding her breath, as Marc tilted back in. She felt his warm breath, nearing, at a quicker pace. Instantaneously, she felt a burst of HEAT, exploding within her soul. Those lips, the softness of his well groomed facial hair, his cheeks. She couldn’t STOP touching them. IN these moments, she felt like HE was HERS. That kiss could’ve been short, it could’ve been long, it didn’t really matter. She rejoiced in it, for what she wished, was forever. This moment, was all she had dreamed it would be. She wiped away all thoughts, that took her away from this very moment. She allowed herself to breathe. Melting into his arms. (Tender, doesn’t even begin to describe this man.) It was an exchange of give & take. Waiting until he could tell Amber was giving of herself, he eagerly offered more of himself (to follow). Amber (in turn) sensing this, did the same. A few rounds of this, each time, with a bit more intensity. They drew back from each other, with a sense of satisfaction. (And, a playful chuckle.)

“Where do we go, from here?” Amber asked.

“Inside innocent eyes,” Marc replied.

Daydreams… 🎢 (9)

Amber was preparing for her 4th show. 3rd time meeting Marc & praying, it wouldn’t end up being her last chance to talk with, & be near Marc. Kyle wasn’t a huge fan. (He only ventured with Amber, because, he knew how much she adored him, how much she craved his music; &, didn’t feel comfortable going/traveling alone.) These (short) trips gave them both a respite away for at least 1 day. Amber had found a special gift, she was able to get for Marc. Something symbolic in nature, that she knew Marc could appreciate. She went back & forth with herself multiple times, as to, if she felt it was right for him? “Guess I’ll never really know for sure, so, I gotta go with my gut,” Amber convinced herself, as she packed it away gently, tucking the silver box away amongst the glittery white tissue paper surrounding the contents, & a carefully selected card “personalized,” between herself & Marc.

Kyle didn’t want to be in the selfie, (he said) but, ended up reluctantly, from handing Amber off. Once again standing next to Marc, Amber felt secure in knowing she can’t give up, her dreams. Dreams, of things getting brighter… becoming a writer, sticking by Marc (no matter what the future holds). Other than Marc, & a few other rays of light, in her life; Amber had been complacent, in an uncomfortably, shadowy GRAY place, for what felt like, an eternity… Marc also… seemed to be breaking new ground, & forging a path onward… for, parts unknown She’d BEEN sensing ‘something different,’ about him, lately…)

The only thing that stuck with Amber (from the latest show, & talking with Marc) was, him seeming to need to be open with those of us whom he knows, & have been with him for some time, & who were at the acoustic shows.

The world, is increasingly (almost, ‘unbearably’) separated, these days. Marc wanted to stress inclusiveness, & SHARING! As quick as their convo & “selfie” went, Amber felt how Marc had appreciated, seeing her again… (She got an, ‘especially now’ VIBE, from Him, about these acoustic shows.) As close as he wanted his fans to feel, right now… Amber, felt something else… a distancing, a sadness, a “goodbye,” (for now) tone to his songs, mood, & mannerisms.

He, (trying to make it easier/more comfortable for Amber) braced her, as closely as he could to the side of his chest. (If she were any closer… she’d be, resting her head on his shirt! And boy, she wanted to…) As she turned her head toward the camera, for a pic, she felt her cheek ever so slightly brushing the fabric of his shirt, making it not so hard, to imagine she was, THAT close. As usual, she walked away, yearning for MORE!

After the show, it was raining lightly, just as it had, the last show that they had attended (for Marc) in the same town. Stoplights, gleaming off of the paved streets, with night all around them. Kyle had a headache, & was tired (as usual). Amber wasn’t ready to call it a night… She told Kyle, to go back to the room, & get some rest. “I’m gonna wait in line out here by the bus, (with the others’) to try & say ‘goodnight,’ to Marc & the band.” She didn’t wait, any of the prior times, after… but, something was telling her to (this time). “I’ll catch a taxi after we exchange ‘goodnights,” Amber told Kyle. He looked irritated, (rolling his eyes) he shrugged his shoulders… &, caught the next cab, as it pulled up to the curb.

There were only a few fidgeting, waiting for Marc & the guys to come out to the shuttle bus, after the show. Amber leaned up against the wall of the building; hands in her pockets, figuring, it would be awhile… Strolling out, laughing, the guys started loading some of their equipment, into the van. Marc plucked away, at the handful of fans awaiting him, who wanted last photos, & comments with them, before heading off to their next destination. As Marc finished up with the last group in line, he peered over, noticing Amber, propped up against the wall. “Whatcha doin’ over here, all by yourself?” Marc questioned Amber. He winked as he joined her… placing his boot up against the wall, knee bent, his face softening (into his usual playful, crooked smile). “What do you think?” Amber returned a “naughty” grin, in response, to his inquiry. “Waiting, for me?” he asked innocently. “Who, else?” she replied, tugging gently, at the sleeve of his denim shirt. “I believe… I may have met my match, in the TEASE department,” Marc retorted. “If you, say so…” Amber winked back.

Let’s take a walk, Marc suggested rather forwardly, holding out an arm, for Amber to clutch. Amber’s heart jumped to her throat, unable to speak, she latched on, trying to steady her steps, & heartbeat. She was SURE, he could hear… (as she could feel it’s THUMPING, throughout her entire body). A sort of headache, but, not… (that didn’t hurt) but, instead, made you dizzy inside, & EUPHORIC!

As they tried to find a pace that was comfortable, for both of them… it was quiet. They were both content (in the moment) to take in the scenery. Streams of light, flickering off of the streets, cascading in puddles, at street corners, from the FRESH misting rain. Not far off now… was a grassy clearing, with a park bench, a brightly colored fountain, some rather large scaled, ornamental rock formations, spread out, & a gazebo, in the background. “I came across this spot this afternoon, coming back from a later lunch, before the show. During sound check, I figured I’d maybe come here, to clear my head a little, after things settled down. And, now you’re here, with me…” Marc pulled her in, to him. “Perfect…” Amber replied. It was all she could think of to say, just then; &, didn’t want to ask a million questions… She & Marc took a seat on the park bench (near the rippling fountain) to catch their breath… (Amber could see colorful shimmers of lights, beaming off of Marc’s fair complexion, out of the corner of her eye.)

You know the message I shared during my shows. It was about my friends, who helped me (at the time) but, it was also “true,” about YOU… Amber could hardly breathe, as he uttered those words. She wanted to ask a million questions, STILL, she let him go on… I know you’ve been around for me, for the last decade. I came across your ‘quirky’ email address, & name a few times, years ago… (Few & far between, at 1st; but, YOU were ‘always’ there… when it truly, ‘mattered!’). At 1st, I thought, you’d be the same, as others… fleeting thoughts, in ‘the winds, of time…’ But, you… remained a STEADY constant. Always there, with your unwavering encouragement, & SUPPORT!

Amber couldn’t help but look the other direction, (she wasn’t used to hearing compliments, let alone, FROM… Marc.) “I suppose, I HAVE,” she managed to squeak out…

“I just want you to know, I’ve been with you, too…” he whispered in her ear, his lips touching her hair, which in turn tickled her cheek. Amber caressed his arm, moving her hand ever-so slowly, up to his face. Then, running her fingers over his light, soft beard. Resting her palm, to his cheek. Holding back tears (as she took in the words he had just shared with her, that she so, longed to hear). Her eyes, moist & glistening, gazing into his. There seemed to be a familiar pause, of knowing… Amber began to feel herself shaking, & couldn’t help but get up slowly, to reach for the closest boulder, to lean up against. Marc once again paused, head down. Amber began trembling. Marc went to her, at the rocks. They leaned into each other. (Heads nearly at the same level now). Amber tilted her head, to come to rest, on Marc’s chest. They stayed here, holding each other, for what felt like an infinite amount of time…

“I KNOW, we have the others’ to consider, (with whatever, we may decide to do…’) Amber stated, finally.

“No…” Marc remarked, softly.

Amber straightened her composure, looking Marc, in the eyes. “No…?!?” Amber repeated, as they both gazed into one another’s eyes; & with a mutual “understanding,” went back to holding each other…

Daydreams… 🎢 (3)

Marc Rook, was the winner, of that Season, on that show, by a landslide vote. Amber, had recently lost an important person in her life, due to unfortunate misunderstandings, & miscommunications. To compensate, she immersed herself in the 1 thing that always makes her feel happy (to think about) Marc Rook. His music, somehow soothes her soul, on many levels. It’s hard to explain the connection, her soul has, with him. He emerged into her life, at a point in time, where, she really started needing something to hold onto, a block of sanity, an outlet, to let go… if only, for awhile. He became a beacon of HOPE & expression.

Why MUST people “stab” at you, continuously… getting on your ABSOLUTE, last nerve?!? Especially… when you know, they’re knowingly doing it. Still, they repeatedly do it. Or, hurt you, as badly… as they (should) know, no one should?!? (For various reasons). Amber needed what Marc had to offer her. A sense of PEACE, happiness, & belonging to groups of people she had yet to meet. (Likely, never…)

A few in the groups, Amber has seen in passing. Met briefly at a concert, or 2; or, gotten to know fairly well, in online life… Sharing in how Marc’s music has impacted each of their lives, had a way of bringing many of them together. In REAL life, &, online. We all have struggles we face; but, together… don’t have to face them, alone. Handicaps, death, incurable diseases, work, & family lives… we can choose to have each others’ backs, at varying different stages, of our lives. Like any GOOD musical artist, & talent. Their GIFTS, “extend” beyond the page… into our lives & times.

Marc being SUCH a “likeable” guy, brings groups of people together, with ease. He’s humble, funny, charismatic, colorful (‘chromatic,’ if you will…) Transparent, yet somehow private. He has a way, of helping us believe the world, is a better place; despite, enduring his own tragedies, Life has sent his way… He “sees” the struggles others’ face, & he does whatever he can, to help alleviate some of the pain, for whomever crosses his path. How many bands/musicians can you say, regularly set up with venues, that are (purposely) smaller, offering an accessibility, for all fans, & themselves? Seated shows, have to be smaller, in order to accommodate those who may not otherwise get the chance to attend, due to a multitude of physical difficulties. That speaks volumes, in terms of his character, Amber thought. (You can just tell, how MUCH he loves, what he gets to do). He doesn’t take a minute of any of this, for granted. “I WISH, there were MORE people out there, like Marc Rook,” Amber told herself, silently. (What I wouldn’t GIVE, to have the sheer luck, to be a part of his life personally…) Amber quipped. People “adore” him, & with GOOD reason. His charitable efforts, speak for themselves. (He would move mountains, IF only, he could. His devoted fans take PRIDE, in helping him REACH new goals & successes, along the way. Everyone, has their quirks; but, it says something, when a person’s valiant EFFORTS, & “energy” outshine, any (possible) negatives.

Everybody, SHOULD have some sort of “Bucket List.” No matter, how big or small. Thanks to Marc Rook, Amber has reached a few, (on hers) she “almost,” never thought she could… (With the help of a few key people in her life). ELATION… I suppose, might be an appropriate word, to help begin to “describe,” the feelings, that come over Amber, at the mere thought of attending a Marc Rook concert…

Daydreams… 🎢 (8)

Every opportunity for Amber to get to see, & talk to Marc, is another “winning MOMENT!” He has been such a busy guy, these last few years. Amber often wondered, “Is there anything he can’t do?!?” Music, a (recent) couple of stints on Broadway, (a leading role, no less; having some theatrical background) charity work, sports enthusiast. Marc’s Interests & talents, seemed endless… “What a catch.” If only, they could’ve met, sooner). Of course, (realistically) Amber knew she would likely never be energetic enough, to keep up with Marc’s pace. He always had something to do; even, at play, on his days off… Keeping up with his social media buzz, schedule, surprises & shenanigans proved exhausting many days. (But, there wasn’t much of anything else, she’d rather, be doing). His latest endeavor, was an acoustic tour. “OMG, another of my FAVORITE styles, of music. He doesn’t know, WHAT he’s doing to me, Amber proclaimed. This… tops off a glorious, 3 year RUN, with 4 concerts (&, 3 meet & greets). I WONDER, what this 1, will bring…”

Daydreams… 🎢 (7)

Being outside, that show WAS amazing! (Even though, they didn’t get a chance to talk, with Marc). The atmosphere: lights, weather, sounds, energy… it WAS, everything! Being in the presence of Marc, his posse, her bestie, Amber couldn’t have asked for more… Marc… & the guys in the band, seemed to be thriving, in the setting. Taking a FUN GROUP selfie tasting funnel cake (a regional ‘favorite’). His USUAL, comical banter. Amber loved, (& felt a ‘familiar,’ pride) basking in the realization, of their enjoyment, partaking in what happened to be, her home state. (They were BOTH, ‘mid-westerners,’ after all…) “&… WE, love our ‘live’ music venues,” she admitted reverently, to herself! She took a glance (off to the side) just behind her. Right as Aimee, grabbed a snapshot of Amber beaming, in the afterglow, of all the chromatic hues of lighting… radiating off of Marc, (in the distance) just over her shoulder. “It DOESN’T get any ‘BETTER than’ this…” Amber kept reminding herself! Marc even (later) referenced, how much fun they were having… &, how much he (they) “appreciated,” the crowds’ ENERGY! Amber hoped, whenever Marc found himself out her way… he’d always feel the way, he DOES, at this moment!

Amber even managed to snag the attention of a guy (just below stage, taking photos) to ever so kindly, place her gift (for Marc) up on the edge of the stage. (So as, not to ‘distract,’ the performance) for Marc to open later… Amber watched, (as the shows patrons were clearing out) to see, one of Marc’s bandmates, take the gift (bag) backstage.

Daydreams… 🎢 (6)

Many nights, Amber would dream of Marc. (Even her subconscious, wanted to be near him). There was NO way she could travel all over, like some others. Her lifestyle, wouldn’t allow it… Spending the majority of her days, making ends meet, at home &, at her job. Feeling as though, all there was, was working, paying bills; with little room for fun…

Every now & then… Amber ran away. One time per year, (in the last few) she managed to sneak away… to do what made her most happy. Spending time, wherever she could catch Marc. She tried to include her friends, who were busy in their own lives. That just made it all the more rich, when they could squeak out a plot of time, to visit, & share girl time. Eating, chatting, maybe working on the latest hobby.

Aimee, Amber’s bestie since junior high school, currently lived not even a couple hours away. They did their best to find time once or twice a year to get together, & get away from it all. It was one of Amber’s favorite things to do. This time, she had convinced Aimee to accompany her to an outdoor concert (of Marc’s) in their area. Outdoor concerts are the best. Amber has always been more of a night owl, anyway. This was a free (yearly) event, at a local park, in celebration of the 4th of July. The weather appeared sketchy, here & there, that weekend. Would they get rained on…?!? (Beside, the hair factor) Amber wouldn’t care… It was Marc. Surely… she would get hot & sweaty from dancing around, & need to cool off. Her main concern, was keeping the gift she had made up, & had specially made for him, from getting WET! (Not to mention, figuring out how she was going to get it to him?!?) This free show, didn’t include meet & greet passes; but Amber, never went, empty handed…

Aimee drove her couple of hours, before picking up Amber; in their once shared old hometown, & they headed off to the nearby college town, where the annual Riverfront festival was taking place. They had a quick bite, on the way, & checked into their hotel, not far from the park. They spent what time they had before heading to the park, getting ready, for the show. They had also fit in some shopping, when they hit town. It’s a must, during their adventures, in hopes of finding something fun, to remember their time together. Funny thing (not sure if it had happened coincidentally, or not) but, 1 of Marc’s 1st songs to emerge on the scene, came on over the loud speaker, as the two friends were trying on outfits (for the show) in the dressing room. “There’s that ‘synchronicity,’ of time & place, again…” Amber mentioned in passing, to Aimee. They smiled, as they headed for the checkout lines. In the hotel, they finished up, by snapping their usual selfie, & off they went.

Upon arriving, they promptly found their spot, left of the stage, near the front.

Daydreams… 🎢 (5)

After about a year of seeing posts & photos of all the lucky πŸ€ fans frequenting Marc Rook concerts & events, Amber decided when the opportunity arose, she would NOT let it pass her by. She had Marc’s last 2 albums, since THAT show. It had now been multiple years, since releasing the last 1; & it was finally time to get out this newest piece of work. All the groups, fans, & social media outlets, were buzzing… Marc was embarking on a long stint of touring, to promote his latest masterpiece. PROUD to be releasing it, on his own terms. His fan base, was solid. They backed him, at every given chance. With nothing & everything to lose, he put out the dates… Amber scouted, for her golden opportunity. “It’s now, Or never,” she reminded herself! “Make this thing happen. You have nothing to lose, &, everything to gain… This is what you’ve BEEN waiting for the passed 7 YEARS… (I deserve this). It’s time, to let loose, & do this thing, for YOURSELF!”

In an adjoining state, a few hours away… You’re going to MEET Marc Rook! It had been ages since Amber & her husband had gotten out of town, even for a night. It will be, amazing… “Pinch me, is this really gonna happen?” She had a few months, to prepare. What to wear? What will she say? “OMG!”

Amber purchased the tickets, from an app/site Marc had been working with to promote the new album, with sales also going toward supporting the new tour. Amber had been commenting to Marc (in the special guest sections) in the app, how she has always been behind his work, & rooting for his success; &, how much she wished she had known him earlier in life. How much (she felt) they had in common. Snatching up those tickets (before, sellout) & other “goodies,” like HER Name (AGAIN) included, & printed on a list, inside the CD cover (traditionally). Amber swore, her money was never better spent!

In the hotel, she warned herself… “Eat, a ‘lil something (but, not too much) to calm the jitters, without becoming nauseous.” Her husband Kyle, waited (more patiently, than usual) keeping himself busy (per, usual) with the tv… (Reminding her of the time) as they want to be there & in line early, so as not to miss MEETING him, before the show. The shuttle driver, from their hotel, engaging in small talk on the way to the venue, mentioned that he & his wife had lived near them (where they were from) until moving to the city.

Waiting in line, Amber was getting self conscious, praying under her breath, that she’s able to hold herself together. She was a highly sensitive soul. (What some would call, an empath). The smallest moment, can bring her to tears, both happy & sad. Marc, had a way about him, that could put most anyone, at ease… Just then, a lovely ethnic woman (the venue, was a cultural center) had come out to greet patrons, who had purchased the meet & greet passes. She had complimented Amber, on her sterling silver & turquoise, “dream catcher” earrings. Amber with a shy smile… thanked her, as she walked in, taking that as a “GOOD omen!” These, are the moments, Amber “instinctively” knows, THIS is where she’s meant to be (right now…). They seemed a little over half way to the back of the meet & greet line. (Maybe, there were MORE?!? Amber, couldn’t focus on what was behind her. She began to see & hear, Marc’s precious voice up near the stage). There he was… Boy, was he TALL! (Photos in the groups, & even on tv, he didn’t appear, THAT tall). Amber, being the “shorty,” she is, was used to looking like a little person, when standing next to the “likes,” of Marc. As she listened intently, to the chatter & chuckles, that surrounded them; her knees began shaking, going weak… “I can’t believe I’m standing in the same room, as Marc Rook… &, ‘about’ to TALK to him!” (UNREAL!) She noted to her husband Kyle, that she was nervous, & her knees were shaking, as she gripped his arm (for support) readying to walk up to Marc. (Earlier… while in line, they had been coached, that the time was limited, to keep things brief. Chat, sign, pic, & KEEP the line moving…) Amber tried to keep eye contact with Marc as they crept up. (She had completely forgotten to introduce, herself, & Kyle.) She clung to Kyle’s arm, as they proceeded to walk up. Marc spotted that Amber had difficulties, so, (not wanting to seem unsure of what to do) Marc & Kyle shook hands. Kyle then passing the Halloween bag of goodies, with a “personalized,” bottle of Cola (‘Coincidentally,’ Marc &, Kyle’s favorite soda). Stating, #1 FAN! (On the label) that Amber had put together, for Marc. Marc (at 1st) thought these things were from Kyle. Marc was HAPPY, & was saying how, MORE guys, needed to come to the shows. Amber awkwardly, tried to show Marc a photo of a “naysayer.” (The stern judge, he eventually won over, on THAT show). But… feeling rushed, the photo had faded off of the screen of her phone; so instead, Amber quickly opted to hand her phone to the tour manager, to get their selfie, with Marc. They snapped the 1st one. (Marc holding the Cola, after asking, if it was his to keep?) Amber asked, for a 2nd pic. She had wanted to be in the middle, in the 1st one. (Not, furthest from Marc). She tried positioning herself, (comfortably) on her good side, by “gently” caressing the middle of Marc’s stomach, right above the belt line, (remember, she’s a ‘shorty’) to brush passed him, to take her spot, at his side. In that brief moment, EXHILARATION came over Amber. (As it was more accidental, than anything). She immediately sensed, he was warm, to the touch; & he hadn’t even started performing yet… “Must be from all the laughing,” she cracked, to herself? After pics were settled, Amber could see in the line behind her, the next seemed to already be starting to walk up. Then, forgetting to formally say their goodbyes, Amber spouted (in passing) as they walked away… “I just thought, the 2 men in my life, should meet…” Marc wasn’t expecting that; & chuckled LOUDLY, so as to let Amber know, he had, heard that… (Others in line behind them we’re listening, heard, & laughed… as well…)

Amber floated away… ELATED! She & Kyle chose a seat, in the 2nd row (middle). At center stage, Marc was very near them. (She could see the glare & fingerprints on the guitar, from the angle the light was hitting it). She also noticed, Marc tended to close his eyes a lot, due to the brightness of the lighting. A few songs in (She knew all of his lyrics to these songs) but, for the life of her… at this moment, couldn’t tell you which song it was, he was singing… BECAUSE, right then, Marc had spotted, where they were sitting; & as he mouthed the words, there WAS (what felt like) the LONGEST “gaze,” everrr… directly, “eye to eye,” WITH Amber. Amber played it cool, as she mouthed the words, right back to him… It was as if Marc, had just then, been recalling WHO Amber was, from comments sent to him, (on social media) placing a name, with a face… (since Amber was nervous, & had forgotten to tell him, as they had met. Believe it or not, she has made the same mistake twice). At the 2nd show meet & greet, she had asked Marc, if she could get a HUG? He said, “Bring it in…” As they went in for the hug, stupidly, Amber had turned to ask the tour manager, to get the hug pic… (Mark thought she had turned to get Kyle in a pic, & waved him over…) The moment was GONE! Amber, tried, not to feel crushed, & happily took the pic, proudly standing, with her 2 guys… “What’s, my problem, anyway,” she scolded herself? “One of these times, we’ll get it right!?!” She figured, during future meetings, he’d be bound to remember her. (everybody else, always seems to…).

She danced her heart out, (best she now could) leaning on the chair in front of her. “Letting go,” of all of her worries & CARES… That’s what Marc (&, his music) does, for Amber.

(Secretly) after, that LONG gaze… She “wondered,” what he COULD have really, been thinking…?!?!

Daydreams… 🎢 (4)

Getting to know all these fabulous people, who also admired Marc, both as a musician, & a person, facinated Amber. She HAD (for 7 years, now) been proposing many scenarios, as to how she would manage to get herself to at least 1, of his shows; & would surely, HAVE to MEET HIM! She was now 43, with NO time to waste. (3 years had gone by of the usual, ‘take care of everyone else, & their business.’) It WAS Amber’s TURN, she proclaimed. This Marc Rook thing, was the ONLY thing, Amber called her own. There was NO denying his presence in her life had made all the difference, in the world, to her… (Even though, by many standards, she had let herself go, in the ‘taking care of herself,’ department.) Quickly she felt, a lot of things deteriorate, going downhill for her, health wise. Almost, to the point of feeling, it was TOO late, to matter… (The 1 thing that kept nagging at her was, if she let this stuff get to her; she’d likely never see her ’emotional’ partner, again…) No way, was THAT an option! Pushing passed her worries & disappointments, she awaited the opportunities, she knew (in her heart) were bound to come…

Daydreams… 🎢 (2)

One evening, Amber was perusing the tube, to numb out the ordinary, monotonous daily routine. She worked part time, for family; & the rest of her days were filled, being a stay at home, mom & wife. This particular evening, she needed something, to “take her away,” if you will…

She began flipping through the channels. The regular season, of a show called, #1 in America, had recently, drawn to a close. Amber, hadn’t been following the program, in more than a few seasons, so she decided to tune in, for something different. Come to find out, this airing period, was none other than, a 2 week (nightly) marathon. Of what would be, (nearly) mid way through the series. (This season, appeared to be a dual, between two very different Marcs’). “Cool, this seems entertaining. I could get into this.” Amber told herself.

The next night, she couldn’t wait, until everybody in the house, would go down to bed, for the night. (Amber was in the habit, of staying up later, so she could get some quiet & peaceful ‘me time…’). She remembered feeling like she hadn’t been this excited, about much of anything else, in quite awhile… Once she helped everyone settle in for the night; she then took the time to figure out, what she’d enjoy for snacks & drink, during the next 2 blissful hours, she has found to block out, for herself. (It may seem trivial to many). But, this was “a little gift, sent from heaven,” for Amber, as, she hadn’t invested time (for more than a few years now) on even a half hour series (season). The noise, chaos, distraction, disruptions had been constant, since taking care of a household of 4’s demands, are a list never ending… We all know, what we sign up for, having a family. We wouldn’t trade all the efforts, for the rewards! But, let’s be honest. It takes a toll. It has periods of utter exhaustion. No one, truly prepares you, for the work to come… So, we welcome any opportunity, for a break.

Steadfastly, night after night, in the competition, things ran, neck & neck, between the 2 Marcs’. The other Marc, was popular, but young. (It seemed to Amber, he had some growing to do, & more experience needed, to grow). Marc Rook, poured himself, into the performances. as if to show he was in it, to WIN it! He delivered it all… stage presence, charisma, charm, confidence, solid talent, which he’d effortlessly persevere, (nightly) on that stage. He knew what it takes, & he knew what he was doing. He even stood up for what he thought it would take to make it. And, eventually (Amber believed) won over, even the most stern judge, on the panel, of the show. “He has to WIN,” Amber concluded; but, even if he doesn’t… I’m gonna watch this whole thing (& find a way to follow where he goes, from here…).

Amber, hadn’t seen how the season had ended. So, it was still fun to watch, & root for (her fave) Marc. (The real voting process was over, as, this 2 week marathon, was prerecorded). Night after night, Amber prepared her snacks, & reserved her spot on the couch, in eager anticipation.

One of the things Amber loved about Marc, was the fact that he consistently surprised everyone, with his ability, to change up a song, & put his own originality stamp on the piece of work. Behind the scenes, there was talk of Marc having serious family issues; & yet, he more than held his own, enough to pull through to the next round. He has shown his chops, & earned his place, with an equal shot of winning the whole thing! Amber sat there, (nightly) at the edge of her seat… feeling grateful, she had spotted the advertisements, of this (chance) 2 week marathon. “What are the odds,” she thought, happily… Two hours of bliss, was over. Time for bed. And, as she peacefully drifted off, to dreamland… she thought of what would happen, tomorrow night…

*EXPRESS, yourself… ;)

I’m here to tell ya, THERE’S something else… YOUR (window…)

In a world where we race against the clock, of productivity, service, & chasing the almighty, dollar; there’s… YOUR (window…)

*SURELY (a majority of the time) this DOES involve, a mix & match of the aforementioned; BUT, this IS what I’m referring to: Your (window) time to breathe, reflect, relax, find your groove, your opportunities, find… YOURSELF.

You know what I mean… Most of us (unintentionally) put our needs, want, self care, aspirations, DREAMS… on the back burner. Someday… when, things settle down, for me… *I’m learning, “someday,” only comes… when you MAKE it, BE here… I wasn’t ready, to quit smoking, I can’t make time, to journal, blog, *WRITE…

(I quit smoking, a year & 4 months ago… πŸ˜‰ I opened this platform, less than a week ago…

Take a leap, whenever possible peeps! *It HAS “proven” it’s WORTH; MORE times, than not!!! (As you will find, in my future pages, chapters, verses…)

GLAD, to have you along for the ride… So we can, spread our arms out wide, letting the sunshine, joy, breeze, calmness & rain, take over the atmosphere. Warning: Bouts, of getting “Lost in thought…” ARE a constant, here… πŸ™‚

“Peaceful Dreams, among Moonlight Beams.” (My Friends… πŸ˜‰ πŸ’­β˜―οΈπŸ’¬πŸŒŒπŸŒ™πŸ’«